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We undertake the complete package of issuing building permit - building permit from the proposal stage architecture to the final version of the license for any of your housing need and many other tasks that you can see in more detail below.

  • Constructions of any kind
  • Renovation House - building
  • Property Evaluation House - building
  • Repairs House - building
  • Restorations Of all kinds
  • Certificates Energy efficiency


The construction of a project is a complex process involving directly or indirectly in many ways that often have conflicting interests which are mainly economic in nature combined with the quality of construction (owner, contractor, manufacturer, etc.).

Technical Office undertakes all kinds of private construction projects. We can take a building from initial excavation to completion.

Based on our years of experience of partners we guarantee the high quality of construction.

At each stage of the work, we are at your disposal to solve any questions you have regarding technical or operational issues and come together at the best possible solution.


The renovation of a building or a portion (apartment, shop, office, etc.) can be partial (eg replacement of plumbing or repair damaged floors or replacing exterior doors and windows, etc.) radical.

The renovation of a building or a portion (apartment, shop, office, etc.) become imperative when starting to accumulate technical problems that alter the property or degrade the quality of life in it.

The renovation of a building or a portion (apartment, shop, office, etc.) become imperative when starting to accumulate technical problems that alter the property or degrade the quality of life in it.

In recent years it has increased the number of renovated buildings and apartments and everything suggests that the coming years will further rise. The reasons are mainly economic and social.

The low income compared to high new home purchase cost, combined with the reduction of loans and insecurity about the future, they have led many or renovating an old property in their possession or in older real estate market is clearly what finances even after a complete renovation.


Our company has the (REV) certification for property valuations.

The commercial real estate valuations ordered for many purposes. The main of them is to determine a reasonable price or to purchase or sell a property, either for rental or lease of. Furthermore, usual purpose of the assessments is to determine the investment value. Also, many companies have their assets (equipment) properties, it is understood that the valuation of the company (equity) is directly related to the valuation of their property whether idiochrisimopoiountai either rented or leased.

The estimate of the rent (rent) is energy necessary for a correct rental agreement or lease commercial or professional space. The aim of assessing the market rent is to be determined and consequently a reasonable rent to be agreed equitable and thus long-term lease. Usually applied to the last stage of the hiring process after they have gone both parties in an agreement in principle and left the finalization of the rent of the revaluation, the possible payment of "air" and of other provisions in the lease.

Levaplan is your most trusted advisor for rent or collect from your property. We conduct assessments to evaluate commercial real estate rents and clarify aspects usually omitted leases.


The renovation is often required to address technical problems or to create comfortable and functional spaces that match your aesthetic.

Having the expertise to deal with any technical problems we move to solutions that make your space unique, upgrading your building.

The planning and budget of the renovation work is always done in close cooperation with you, that the final result meets your requirements, and without exceeding your financial capability.


The company is engaged in the design and construction of private and public projects, particularly construction. Undertakes all types of construction work by a slight repair to the design and construction of new buildings and special technical projects at the best prices offering the best quality, at design level, construction and supervision, supported by an experienced team of Paul. Engineering, Architecture, Eng. Eng. and designers as well as experienced and proven teams.

Since 2003 specializes in special restoration works buildings and embellishments, with proprietary equipment and specialized personnel.


The ENERGY EFFICIENCY CERTIFICATE, a new institution for our country. On 30/3/2010, by decision of the economic energy environment ministers - climate change, adopted the Energy Efficiency Regulation KENAK buildings.

The Regulation provides that any new building or an existing building completely renovated, the minimum energy performance requirements must be met. At the same time defines the minimum requirements relating to building design (location, orientation, insolation requirements, incorporating passive solar systems, etc.), the building envelope or E / M installations.

The energy performance certificate EPC or energy certificate is recognized by the ministry document issued by Energy Inspector (which is included in a special register), which shows the energy efficiency of the building. The energy performance certificate EPC each building classified in energy class (there are nine categories, from A + to H), while the Inspector lists recommendations for improving the energy performance of the building.